Saturday, September 11, 2010


Let be a river, a lake, or the ocean, water bodies are known to be wonderful stress-busters. The best thing I have done in recent times is renting this place that overlooks the Wabash river. Here, I find myself sitting in the warmth of my room on a cloudy Saturday morning sipping the morning dose of hot badam milk. For a brain that is constantly running (unproductive most of the time, nevertheless running), I find myself blank and completely relaxed. Only if I could manage a massage here.

For those of you who argue on still vs moving waters, here is my two cents. Water is just amazing, it calms you irrespective of whether it is calm or rapid.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Graph from "I hate luv storys"

Change is indeed the only thing constant!

Ganesh Chathurdhi time again; and as always, I am reminded of the last year's celebrations. Though the celebrations and the people I celebrate with are mostly same, hardly anything else in life is the same.
Life (professional and personal) completely changed. Goals and aims, the way I perceive people around me and the way they perceive me, have all changed. Interestingly, I like everything about it - life then, life now, and the journey through (happy and not-so-happy).

Of course, I do not completely understand the course of life. Not that it needs to make sense. From time to time, certain things make sense. Life might feel complete if everything makes sense, well, eventually.