Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Questions from India

One friend of mine already stole this idea from me.

When I call people back at home in India, they always ask the same questions. Here they go, in the reverse order of sensibility.
  1. Is it day or night at your place?
  2. What is the time? (as if they won't talk to me if it was an odd hour)
  3. What did you cook today? ( For Pete's sake, I don't cook. Even if I do, it is not like I know what I cooked.)
  4. When would you be visiting India again?

Round figures

I never understand why people associate a lot with round figures...

Why is Sachin Tendulkar's 99 so different from his 100. Why can't people just talk about averages? Why do they talk about number of centuries, number of 5 wicket hauls? It is pretty weird.

I do understand that there should be milestones to chase and celebrate. But, why associate so much to a milestone?