Monday, December 8, 2008

My brain is dying

I look back into my past. I was this amazingly inquisitive, sharp kid. Now, I am such a douche bag. Did I do exceptionally well at deteriorating myself (my brain) or does it happen to everyone?

I feel this amazing laziness in myself. Interest to do nothing. No more of that fighting spirit to achieve stuff and meet deadlines. What contributed to this? I see these options -
  • Age (Natural)
  • Internet addiction (Easy way to while away time)
  • Easy life (no need to fight it out hard to earn the basic needs)
  • Alcohol (though I drink only socially, I read somewhere that alcohol kills brain cells and that they are not created again)
  • Peer-pressure (learnt from undergrad that the one who doesn't work is the cool dude)

Media, You woke up the leaders of the country!

First up, I am extremely sorry for everyone who suffered from the Mumbai atrocity.

It is interesting to see the political leaders take this issue seriously and trying to press for some quick action against those anti-social elements, who inflict pain on the innocent. Then, I wonder why we did not do the same earlier when other terrorist attacks happened in India. Most of them were blasts which happen just in a flash and what you see is only the aftermath. By the nature of the damage, they are no less compared to the latest attacks. With all due respect to those sincere hard-working authorities, for some reason, the political leaders of India never felt the pressing need, as much as they do now.

The media has taken us through the attacks and everyone felt the pain through the attack. And, I would say that it definitely played a part in this timely action to solve the major issues. Thank you, media.

Though it is sad that it took an attack like this for the authorities to wake up, corrective measures have started and we should all unite and fight it out against these terrorists.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Deer hunt - should it be allowed?

One day, on my way from UIUC to Purdue, I hit a deer at about 60 mph. It was a pretty bad blow to the car. Apparently, there have been a lot of deer hits during that time - the car rental guy and the insurance guy said so.

The reason for the hits is supposed to be that the deer are running around to evade the bullets. It was the hunting season. While some are having fun hunting animals, there are others on the roads suffering brutal accidents.

I would support not allowing hunting and cutting down on such accidents.