Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Village Bride of Beverly Hills

Yeah. I am talking about the book by Kavita Daswani.

My first read in that genre. It was a small book (size does matter, I picked just coz of its size) which talks about the culture tension through a traditionally wed Indian woman's life.

Bottom line: Okay book. Good to read once. Very hard to read the second time.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Do colours bring "colour" to life?

For Americans - Colour = Color

This is the beginning of February. It has been quite sometime (more than 2 months) since it is all white. It was much better when eye could see different colors - green, blue, yellow, red. As if to rub it in, Fall comes just before Winter.

Back at home, winters were also very colourful. And, life is happier too. I do understand there are other aspects which make life more interesting. But, I was just wondering how big a role colour plays. Would West Lafayette be a lot merrier if it was colorful (but equally cold)?

I wish there were a clear answer to this - is research not to find such interesting things? Or, rather, I wish I could find that answer if anyone had found it.