Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What is our favorite sense?

[... from a discussion with a friend]

While at the Monterey bay aquarium, we came across the hammer head shark. Wikipedia says - the hammer head shape is due to the nostrils at the end of the hammer head, and the nostrils (wide apart) assist the shark in attributing a specific direction to a smell. Quite interesting, right!

Among the sensory organs in humans and most animals, ears are widest apart followed by eyes, nostrils and tongue. Does it imply that we need to determine the direction of sound more than the direction of light or smell?

Interestingly, technological innovations in the entertainment world also follow similar trends -- radios, tape recorders, etc.; TVs, movies, videos etc.; and recently devices to emit a particular smell.

Coincidence? May be, but doesn't look like it.

PS: Entertainment here doesn't include recreational activities! :P