Monday, January 16, 2012

Can we do anything to provoke changes in Indian cricket?

As always, a disappointing away series for the Indian cricket team leads to calls for an overhaul in the scheduling, selection, preparation and execution processes. Grassroots level changes are called for. All these, as we know very well, are you going to be forgotten as soon as India wins an ODI match (not even a series) or the IPL begins (one or the other Indian team is bound to win). 

I, for one, am tired of going through this cycle time and again. We all know the BCCI needs to make some stern calls like the English/Australian boards. Can we do anything to ensure things changes?

As long as BCCI feels comfortable about the influx of money, they are not going to one damn-thing differently. I guess the only way to get attention is to hit their earnings. An empty Eden Gardens did provoke some discussion and talk. If only we can take it further through constant reminders. Just imagine the effect if a significant chunk of the viewers decide to boycott watching a few games. 

I decide to boycott at least 50% of the IPL games.

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